Latin America International


KO has a thriving Latin America Practice Group (LAPG) with members residing in all of our offices. The LAPG has been representing clients across Latin America for more than 20 years.

We are thoroughly familiar with the legal framework and unique issues that arise from doing business in the region.

We have profound and long-standing ties in many Latin American countries and a deep understanding of the legal systems and business practices in each of those countries.

Our LAPG members, many of which speak fluent Spanish, have substantial experience in the business, legal and regulatory environments of Latin American countries.

The strength of our LAPG is derived from our strategically located offices as well as a long and successful track record helping clients of all sizes navigate the unique waters involved in doing business in a foreign country.

Our LAPG is a direct resource for an ever-expanding Latin American client base. We enjoy an extraordinary reputation across the region and have developed close and tested relationships with a network of law firms that we value and trust.

Our attorneys, however, are much more than simply bi-lingual; they are bi-cultural. Our aim is to seamlessly deliver services across many jurisdictions.


KO’s International Practice Group benefits from the combined experience of seasoned and dedicated international practitioners who have served clients not only in Latin America but also in cross-border transactions in Europe and Asia.

We provide transactional and commercial advice to clients looking to explore overseas markets as well as those looking to invest in the United States. We are also quite adept and experienced when in comes to multi-jurisdictional litigation and dispute resolution.

Sample assignments include:

  • Latin American counsel for a Fortune 500, $12 billion diversified multi-national US Company. Developed standard distribution agreements, negotiated large scale sales and distribution agreements and supported asset redeployment efforts across the region.
  • Regional counsel (Mexico and Central America) for a large multi national manufacturer. Advised General Counsel’s office in significant and sensitive corporate matters and compliance involving subsidiaries across the region.
  • Regional counsel for the logistics and supply chain division of a large US-based multi national corporation. Supported, on behalf of the General Counsel’s office in the negotiation and implementation of standardized contracts as well as the structuring of large construction projects.
  • Lead counsel for a large, regional mobile telecommunications company in the sale of its regional operations (7 countries, including Brazil) to a South African-owned, Spanish company.
  • Advisors to the governments of Bolivia, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Costa Rica, Perú, Jordan and Venezuela on the overall strategy and transaction design for the privatization of several of its state-owned enterprises.
  • Lead advisors to the Government of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan on the privatization of Habib Bank (the country’s largest), Bankers Equity, United Bank Limited, Allied Bank and Muslim Commercial Bank.
  • Lead advisors to the Government of Bangladesh in the design and structuring of Phase II of Grameen Bank.
  • Advisors to Banco Industrial de Venezuela (the country’s largest bank) on the privatization of Banco de Fomento Regional de Coro and Banco de Fomento Regional Los Andes.
  • Advisors to the Government of Costa Rica on the privatization of Banco Internacional de Costa Rica Limited (BICSA)


  • Advisors to the governments of: Bolivia, Jordan, Pakistan and Venezuela in the design of a regulatory framework for concessions of air transport activities, gas distribution telecommunications and energy (electricity and gas)
  • Advisors to the governments of: Haiti and Costa Rica, in a World Bank financed project, in the design of a regulatory framework for seaport operations.