Appellate Practice

KO’s Appellate Practice serves clients in two primary ways. First, KO handles appeals filed with Florida and federal appellate courts to assist clients with having a trial judge’s or jury’s decision reviewed by a higher court. This is done for existing clients of the firm and those who have been represented by a different attorney or law firm. We represent the Appellant, which is the person who is dissatisfied with a court order and is seeking to have it reversed or the Appellee, which is the person seeking to have the court ordered affirmed. The firm’s Appellate Practice division handles appeals involving each of the Practice Areas in which KO represents clients before trial courts and include final appeals, non-final appeals, and in original proceedings where a writ of certiorari, mandamus, or prohibition is sought.

The second function of KO’s Appellate Practice is to provide trial support services. This involves assisting attorneys with pretrial proceedings and motions, preparing for and conducting the trial, post-trial proceedings, and the preparation of court orders. This is done to ensure that issues that may be appealed are properly preserved for appeal.

Appellate courts have strict and brief time limits for initiating an appeal, typically thirty (30) days after entry of the court order. Therefore, it is important for those contemplating the filing of an appeal to contact an appellate attorney promptly after the court order is entered.