Community Association, Club and Resort Law

We are one of the very few firms in South Florida that specializes in the representation of condominium associations, homeowners’ association, cooperatives, timeshares, equity clubs, owners’ ad hoc committees and hotel condominiums.  With one major difference: We offer a small boutique team approach where each client is valued is not just a “number” among hundreds or thousands of similar clients.  Our Community Association, Club and Resort Group is dedicated to providing innovative, responsive and cost-effective legal services to our clients.  And when the time comes, our team of litigators have the skill set to handle even the most complex matters faced by these clients.  Our Group routinely provides the following services to our clients:

  • Advising Boards of Directors and Managers regarding the day-to-day operations of their Associations.
  • Interpreting the governing documents, including Declarations of Condominium, By-Laws and Restrictive Covenants of our clients.
  • Our attorneys are experienced in the representation of Developers as well, which gives them particular skill at amending an Association’s governing documents.
  • Representation of our clients with respect to the collection of delinquent maintenance payments. We pride ourselves on our aggressive and creative strategies to recover past-due maintenance payments.
  • Advising Boards of Directors and Managers regarding employment law issues.
  • Drafting and negotiating vendor and service contracts on behalf of our clients.
  • Enforcing the governing documents and rules and regulations of our clients.
  • Advising Boards of Directors and Managers regarding compliance with Federal laws, including the Fair Housing Act and the Telecommunications Act of 1966.
  • Advising Boards of Directors regarding the practical impact of the Florida Statutes, the Florida Administrative Code, along with Court and Arbitration decisions.
  • Representing Associations with respect to financing.
  • Preparation of Annual Meeting, Election and Voting Packages and chairing Meetings of the Members and the Boards of Directors for our clients.
  • Advising our clients regarding the preparation of their Annual Budgets, Financials and Audits.
  • Advising our hotel-condominium clients regarding the legal and financial issues relating to this unique form of ownership.
  • Vigorous representation of Associations in all manner of litigation and arbitration.
  • Representation and counseling of new Board of Directors following turnover of their Associations from Developer control.
  • Representation of Associations in construction-defect litigation.
  • Advising Associations regarding all manner of land use law issues.