Marital & Family Law

KO’s Marital & Family Law practice is led by a Board Certified attorney and handles dissolution of marriage matters ranging from straightforward to those involving complicated business valuations and other complex financial issues. KO also specializes in cases involving contentious disagreements involving minor children. In addition to divorce cases, the firm handles post-dissolution enforcement, modification and other related matters, along with paternity cases for couples with children who have not wed. Additionally, the firm drafts and negotiates pre-marital and post-marital agreements, which are critically important contracts designed to protect our clients in the event of divorce.

KO’s Marital & Family Law practice is staffed with a team that provides a level of professionalism and service that is unmatched regardless of the nature of the case. With support from our business and real estate practices, we are well-equipped to provide advice and representation in related areas, such as real property, tax, and estate planning, thus providing a unique level of service to our clients without the need to outsource.

At KO the attorneys in the Marital & Family Law practice fully understand that protracted litigation should be a last alternative in resolving disagreements. In addition to litigating, KO’s Marital & Family Law practice has counsel certified by the Florida Supreme Court in family law mediation and who also serve as a Guardian Ad Litem representing the interests of children as appointed by colleagues and the Courts.

In those instances, however, where amicable resolutions are not possible, the firm’s lawyers have the expertise, experience, and resources to pursue its clients’ interests throughout the discovery, trial and post-trial enforcement stages. KO also represents its own clients, as well as those previously not represented by the firm at the trial level, in filing appeals in circumstances of judicial error.

The firm is active in Family Law organizations and with bar committees at the local, state and national levels. KO’s attorneys have been featured lecturers at seminars and written numerous articles for a multitude of publications addressing a wide variety of family law topics. Whatever the marital or family law issue, the attorneys at KO will provide a unique and attentive focus to best service our clients.